Results: April 2014 Action Pistol Shoot

After a cold rainy week, our Saturday, April 5 action pistol shoot took place under sunny skies and unreasonably pleasant conditions. Twenty-two shooters faced three tricky stages, including a mover with two hostage no-shoots.

Chris Raine shoots Ed Pecis' mover stage

Chris Raine shoots Ed Pecis’ mover stage

Congratulations to Brandon Turk for shooting the fastest time — and to everyone else who shot safely and had a good time. Also to everyone who helped build the stages and tore them down later. The shoots simply wouldn’t happen without them.

See the complete April 5 shoot results here (pdf file).

Our next action pistol shoot is scheduled for Saturday, May 3. Registration now opens at 9 a.m. and the safety briefing and walkthrough start at 9:30, so don’t be late.


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