Results: May 3 Action Pistol

Beautiful weather greeted 18 shooters, as did three challenging stages.

One stage forced shooters to fire around cover while seated at a picnic table. Another forced competitors to work around cover and engage targets with both strong and weak hands.

But those were just warmups for Rich Reuter’s diabolical stage, which included lots of paper, high and low shooting ports, and two sets of targets that had to be hit while the shooter was moving.

Results of the DRGC May 3 Action Pistol Shoot (if you can’t see the embedded spreadsheet, click here):

Our next Action Pistol match is set for Saturday, June 7. Attending will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. We guarantee it*.

See you next month,
DRGC Action Pistol Shooters

(*Not a guarantee.)

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12 comments on “Results: May 3 Action Pistol
  1. David Edmondson says:

    Sounds horrible, sorry I missed it! Sounds like it was a good time…

  2. Andy Grossman says:

    Looks like everyone had fun. Sorry I couldn’t be there to “pray and spray”!

    • Tom Chandler says:

      Andy: I think more than a few people were praying just prior to shooting Rich’s stage…

  3. Gene Lachawicz says:

    Great stages today! I am amazed at how fast these match results were posted. Good job Tom. Gene Lachawicz

  4. Marian says:

    Apparently I need to hurry home to get a female shooter onto that results list. It’s nice to see so many familiar shooters as well as some new ones.

    • Tom Chandler says:

      You’re not back yet? C’mon, I’ve got you pencilled in for taking care of my kids next weekend.

    • gary pumphrey says:

      Yeh Marian, gotta get you and Guy back here to make this complete. ( Could have used some heckling for my disastrous third stage when I couldn’t locate a loaded magazine on my person!!)

  5. Ed says:

    Tom: thank you! You do an excellent job getting the info expeditiously posted and easily located.

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