Results: June 7 Action Pistol (the Steelpocalypse!)

Our first all-steel, Pro-Am style, three-stage match is in the books. It was an experiment (and a fun one), but clearly, next time we’ll make the stage times longer — and run folks through the shorter stages twice.

I apologize if anyone didn’t get to shoot as much as they wanted.

Congratulations to this month’s World Champion of Dunsmuir Brandon Turk. He won going away, and received many fabulous prizes*.

For those who missed it, today was the steelpocalypse, where we lined up steel targets and gave our shooters a set amount of time to get as many of them as they could.

Next month, we’ll likely resume normal stage service — a mix of paper and steel. See you at the range.

The Dunsmuir Rod & Gun Club Action Pistol Crew

(*We gave Brandon no prizes)

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4 comments on “Results: June 7 Action Pistol (the Steelpocalypse!)
  1. Gene Lachawicz says:

    Dear Tom, Thanks for all your thought in putting together the fast, fun and economical “Apocalypse”. Gene (Did Chris R. give you that letter to put on the website?)

  2. Marian says:

    I see a fun rivalry brewing. Let’s see, Brandon won in April and Tom came in second. Brandon didn’t come in May, Tom came in first. Brandon took first today and who came in second?

    Now, in fairness, Tom designed all/most of today’s stages and RO’d one. I think we’re gonna have to train Brandon and see how he does ROing and shooting the stages. Yes, I’m an instigator. :-)

    • Tom Chandler says:

      Brandon has speed and youth on his side, leaving me with little aside from treachery.

      Which is why I’m working on some special reloads for Brandon to shoot next match…

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