Results: August 2014 Action Pistol Shoot

DRGC’s August action pistol shoot is in the books. And yes, despite the heat, we had big fun.

Three challenging stages awaited our shooters, as did 90+ degree temperatures. Fortunately, a record number of shooters stayed late to help tear down the stages.

When you’ve showed up before 7:30 to build a stage and then RO’d most of the day in the heat, help tearing down is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The Results

Congratulations to Tom Chandler, this month’s World Champion of Dunsmuir. He’ll receive the kind of fabulous prizes and global acclaim you’d expect from such a lofty title.

Ed Pecis was the highest big bore shooter (.45 ACP), and Lori Hurt was high lady.


1) The September, October and November action pistol shoots are being held on the second Saturday of each month instead of the first (see our calendar).

2) No Monday pistol practice this week (no practices the Monday after a shoot)

3) Construction on the trap range is taking a bit longer than expected (we’ll send an announcement when it’s done)

4 comments on “Results: August 2014 Action Pistol Shoot
  1. Gene Lachawicz says:

    Tom, Thanks for tabulating the score sheets. I’m amazed you were able to figure them out. Gene

  2. Luke Salyer says:

    Great atmosphere of competitive shooters. Thanks for letting me stand by and watch. Next time I head up to see my parents I’ll bring my gun and join in all the fun.

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