DRGC: Results, September 13 Action Pistol Shoot

Another DRGC Action Pistol shoot is in the books, and like before, fun was had by all (though more than a few of us remain tormented by our dumb mistakes).

The Details

Sixteen shooters faced three very different stages, including our version of the El Presidente drill — a simple speed-based stage we’re going to run multiple times throughout the year so you can meter your progress.

In contrast, Guy Pasela’s diabolical stage emphasized transitions between targets (and boy did it) by forcing shooters to swing between plate rack and Texas Star. Tom Chandler’s stage was focused on hitting partially blocked targets at speed.

Congratulations to Chandler for taking this September’s World Champion of Dunsmuir title (talent agents and movie producers are already flocking to his door).

Of course, the real winners are everyone who shot better than last month. Let’s finish the year strong.


1) No action pistol practice this Monday

2) The next action pistol shoot is the second Saturday in October (the 11th — and we’re planning a Halloween special, so dust off the anti-zombie/anti-ghoul gear)

The Results

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