Results: October 2014 Action Pistol Shoot

Let’s score it DRGC Shooters: 1, Zombies: 0 at the October DRGC Action Pistol shoot. Three zombie-driven stages challenged shooters, and the near-perfect weather made it just nice to be out (results below).

Congratulations to Brandon Turk, who topped the list of 17 shooters to become the World Champion of Dunsmuir This Month. (It’s just like winning the California lottery, only without the money, fame or lawyers.)

Shooters faced three interesting challenges; Ryan’s emphasized accuracy over speed, and Tom’s offered shooters a chance to practice one-handed shooting on the move.

But Gene’s stage stood apart. Typically fiendish in its design, many shooters were tripped up by Gene’s last-minute instructions. Well played, Mr. Gene. Next month, we’ll all match wits with you again (and probably lose).


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