DRGC Action Pistol Results: February 7, 2015

We had 20 shooters show up and shoot in the rain (and there was plenty of it) at our February 7 action pistol match.

Thanks to everyone for making the trip despite the weather — especially those who set up stages or tore them down.

Congratulations also to Tom Chandler, who became The World Champion of Dunsmuir (for this month).

The stages were more challenging than they looked and everyone appeared to have a good time — proof that you can have fun standing around in the rain.

One note: Ryan’s stage included a tactical reload, where the magazine you’re removing should be retained instead of simply dumped on the ground. Better than half (more like 3/4) of the shooters just dumped the empty magazine on the ground, proving pretty conclusively that under even a little stress, you shoot how you train.

So train smart.

[Stage 1 was Gene’s stage, Stage 2 was Ryan’s “Steel El President (last stage shot), and Stage 3 was Tom’s pistol range stage]

Next Shoot

Our next shoot is scheduled for Saturday, March 7.

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