DRGC Action Pistol Results: March 7, 2015

The March 7 action pistol shoot took place under wildly un-wintry warm weather, which is probably why another good crowd turned out (23 shooters).

The World Champion of Dunsmuir (for this month) is Geoffrey Applegate, who won by a margin so sizeable that the Post Office is considering awarding him his own zip code (next time we’re going to make him shoot from another area code).


(Note: due to some scorekeeping errors, some of the pistol and rifle range scores [columns 1 & 3] may have ended up swapped, but the totals should be right.)

Lost and Found

A holster was found (believe it might be for an XD). It’s in the black briefcase in the clubhouse. Owner can pick up on any Thursday 2-6 PM when the clubhouse is open for the trapshooters, or come to next month’s shoot.

Next Month

The next DRGC Action Pistol shoot is scheduled for Saturday, April 4. Look for more information soon.

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