DRGC Results: May 2, 2015 Action Pistol Match

Another day of perfect weather at the Dunsmuir range, and another good turnout for our monthly action pistol meet.

Congratulations to Tom Chandler for becoming this month’s World Champion of Dunsmuir (until next month). The adoration (and lucrative endorsement deals) are almost too much for him to take.


Next Month

Our next action pistol match is on Saturday, June 6. Be there or be square.

2 comments on “DRGC Results: May 2, 2015 Action Pistol Match
  1. Gene Lachawicz says:

    TOM CHANDLER……YOU DA MAN !!!!! Holy smokes did you ever smoke the match. Fastest in all three stages. Last time Tom did this was October 2013. Great shootin’ !!! Tried to think of an appropriate award for Tom and the only thing I could come up with is to let Tom design and set up all three stages next month.

  2. Tom Chandler says:

    I shot well, but in reality, Geoff Applegate was only a couple seconds behind me with his second gun (which we don’t count in the “official” standings).

    And I probably won’t be there next month, so you get to design all three stages instead…

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