DRGC Results: June 6, 2015 Action Pistol Match

Under conditions even a cynic could only describe as beautiful, our June Action Pistol Match went swimmingly — as did the free barbecue afterwards.

Talk about your win-win (or talk about leaving fat and happy).

Credit Where It’s Due

Kudos to Chris Raine, who not only cooked the burgers, but also provided the meat and buns (he’s co-owner of Dunsmuir’s Burger Barn).

Credit also to everyone who brought one of the tasty salads and side dishes. Also a note for Kelly Salvato for all the scorekeeping and Gene Lachawicz for organizing the match.

Finally, congrats to Tom Chandler — the World Champion of Dunsmuir This Month. (His family remains unimpressed.)


(If you can’t see the results embedded here, click here for the original spreadsheet).


Our next shoot is scheduled for Saturday, July 4. (Stand by — we may fine-tune that date.)

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