DRGC Results: July 3 Action Pistol Match

We moved our July action pistol shoot from the morning of July 4 to the evening of July 3 (Friday), and 25 shooters showed up. Cool.

In addition to the turnout, the temperatures hovered in the 80s — a happy 15 degrees below the 100 degrees forecast.

We’ll take it (kudos to Gene for making the call).

The Big Finish

This match saw our closest finish to date; Brandon Turk and Tom Chandler were locked in a drag race, their stage times never diverging by more than .48 of a second.

After the dust settled, Chandler became The World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) by a paltry .37 of a second — literally the amount of time it takes to blink your eye.

(Chandler was last seen buying lottery tickets.)


(If you can’t see the results, click here for the online spreadsheet.)

August Match

The calendar tells us our next shoot is set for Saturday, August 1. More as that date gets closer.

2 comments on “DRGC Results: July 3 Action Pistol Match
  1. Jim MacGuire says:

    Just a quick Thanks to all; I thought the Friday evening shoot was AWESOME!!!

  2. Marian says:

    A big thank you to Ryan, Gary, and Brandon for stepping up and designing and running very creative stages. You young guns have great imaginations and did a great job. Keep up the great work.


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