DRGC Results: August 1 Action Pistol Match (2015)

The August action pistol shoot saw another strong turnout of 25 shooters, who faced three challenging stages — including the debut of our new drop/turn targets. (Watch the penalties accumulate!)

Congratulations to Geoff Applegate, who won this match by a whopping 18 seconds. His prize? He will receive a Special Custom Email prior to the next shoot giving him the wrong date. (It’s the thought that counts.)


(If you can’t see the results on this page, here’s a link to the spreadsheet.)

Next Month

Our next shoot is scheduled for Saturday, September 5. Be there or be square.

One comment on “DRGC Results: August 1 Action Pistol Match (2015)
  1. gary pumphrey says:

    This was a fun shoot (as always). The addition of the turning targets was a plus.

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