DRGC Results: September 5 Action Pistol Match

No better way to kick off Labor Day weekend than at the range, and 20 shooters did exactly that at the DRGC’s September 5 Action Pistol match.

Twenty shooters faced three fairly tricky stages (most of us had the penalties to prove it).

Tom Chandler won the match on the last stage after he and Chris Raine shot almost identical times on the first two stages.

For winning, Chandler received a dozen lottery tickets*.

(* for last week’s lottery).


[If you can’t see the results listed above, you can see the live spreadsheet online here

Next Month

Our next shoot is set for Saturday, October 3.

3 comments on “DRGC Results: September 5 Action Pistol Match
  1. gary pumphrey says:

    It was a fun shoot! Good to see all of you out there.

  2. Tom Chandler says:

    Yeah, it was fun — think we got a pretty good group. Lots of penalties to add up when I was doing the scorekeeping. Are our stages getting too tricky or do we need to designate October as Dry Fire Month?

  3. Richard says:

    Tom can you send me the results of last Saturday i haven’t received it yet

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