DRGC Results: October, 2015 Action Pistol

Deer season is underway, so we didn’t expect to see a crowd of 27 shooters staring at us expectantly before the start of this month’s DRGC action pistol shoot.

That sizable group faced four stages (yep, four) — along with gusting winds strong enough to blow Rich Reuter’s heavy steel silhouette targets to the ground.


Congratulations to Tom Chandler, who won the match and then ran victory laps in his living room until his wife and kids begged him to stop.

(Winning isn’t always pretty.)

(If you can’t see the results embedded above, click here to see the original spreadsheet)

Next Month

There are rumors, my friends. Dark, whispered rumors. They tell us our next action pistol shoot (Saturday, November 7) may focus on concealed carry (smaller guns, shorter courses, use of cover). More as it happens.

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