DRGC Results: November Action Pistol Results (2015)

Another DRGC Action Pistol shoot is in the books, and this time, we’ve got three winners.

Ryan Wilden won the Sub-compact class (under 3.5″ barrel length), Tom Chandler won the overall title and the Compact class (under 4.10″ barrel length), and Roger Voges won the Fullsize category.

This was our CCW shoot; the stages were designed to accommodate smaller guns and lower round counts — without making life too easy for those shooting fullsize guns.

I think we succeeded.

Ryan Wilden’s “Odd Number Out” stage left more than a few people shaking their heads (it was a “penalty rich environment”). Wilden might also be the day’s moral victor; he placed third overall shooting a small S&W Shield.

Tom Chandler receives the DRGC’s coveted “Walk it Off” Award for face planting in the dirt (at full speed), but keeping the gun pointed downrange — and finishing the stage. (His family remains more amused than sympathetic.)


(Listed by category first; Combined results below)

(If you can’t see the results embedded above, click here to see the spreadsheet online

Next Month

Our next shoot is scheduled for Saturday, December 5. To miss it is to miss a glimpse of paradise itself.

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