DRGC Results: December 2015 Action Pistol Match

Apparently the DRGC Action Pistol crowd are living right (well, some of us anyway). Our December shoot found itself sandwiched between a pair of storms — but took place in cool-but-agreeable weather.

At this time of year, it’s a win.

Twenty contestants showed up, and congratulations go to Jason Burkleo — the World Champion of Dunsmuir (This Month). Jason’s prize is a can of WD-40 which we’ll spray liberally on his grip and trigger prior to next month’s shoot.

Victory, it seems, can be slippery.


(If you can’t see the results embedded above, here is the link to the spreadsheet)

Next Month

Our next shoot is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 2.

Weather is a big question this time of year, so stand by your email client for more information.

See you in 2016!

One comment on “DRGC Results: December 2015 Action Pistol Match
  1. gary pumphrey says:

    Good fun. Good stages (except my own which I managed not to follow my own instructions!) Nice to see so many shooters out today.

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