DRGC Results: February 6 Action Pistol Match

Twenty-two shooters showed up for February’s action pistol shoot, which took place in the kind of clear, comfy weather you don’t necessarily expect in winter.

The three skills-based stages were ideal for shooters still knocking off the rust of winter.

Congratulations to this month’s winner Tom Chandler, whose win proves he’s more than just a pretty face.


(if you can’t view the results embedded above, then you can view the original spreadsheet online

March Action Pistol

Next month’s shoot is scheduled for Saturday, March 5. Weather is still a question, so stand by that email inbox for further developments.

10 comments on “DRGC Results: February 6 Action Pistol Match
  1. Marian the snowbird says:

    Sounds like a great shoot. Lots of new names too.

    • gary pumphrey says:

      Gee Thanks Tom! Nobody would have ever noticed the 30.9131415926535….. gap had you not highlighted it!! :-) Just kidding, was a fun and challenging shoot as most are. PS… I will now have a phobia regarding black squares….

      • Tom Chandler says:


        I’d hoped the gap column would energize a few competitive juices and get folks to practice (“If I hadn’t blown that reload I’d have beaten that *%%&$&^*”) but yeah, I can see your point.

        I’m enough of a geek that I recognized your PI reference (that’s pure pocket protector territory).

        • gary pumphrey says:

          Good one! I wondered if anyone would pick up on it. Unfortunately, math was one of my minors in college; can’t get that crap out of my head!
          I felt a little clumsy during my mag reloads-normally pretty smooth. I normally practice ejecting and loading mags without looking, during the month even if I don’t go out and shoot. Like you said, “practice!” I hope next month has good weather too.

      • Jimy Mac says:

        Hey Gary I would of loved to had a larger gap IF IT could of been taken from my rifle stage bobbles ARRRGH

        • gary pumphrey says:

          Jimmy, I completely misunderstood the instructions on the pistol range; thought he said you had to “miss” the black boxes, so I did! :-)

    • Tom Chandler says:

      It really was a nice, simple shoot, though everyone seemed a little rusty.

    • gary pumphrey says:

      Was a fun shoot. When are you two coming back to “balmy” California?…

  2. Mike Morgan says:

    Good times, great shoot, and awesome people. Thanks to all who set up the stages each month to test our skills. Always a pleasure shooting in Dunsmuir.
    PS- Tom, thanks for posting the scores every month. And I even was able to figure out where my “Fun Gun” placed…. haha

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