DRGC March 2016 Action Pistol Results

Saturday’s action pistol shoot took place in a steady rain, so the stages were steel and the ground a little soggy.

Actually, the ground was a lot soggy, and after a few hours, so were the shooters.

Special thanks to everyone who showed up early to setup, and to Kelly, Tami and Katrina for keeping track of our sometimes-depressing scores.

Congrats to Tom Chandler, the winner of the World Champion of Dunsmuir (For This Month) title. For proving he’s simply not smart enough to come in out of the rain, Chandler will receive a Rubber Ducky and a cup of hot soup.

Clearly, it pays to practice.


(If you can’t see the embedded results, you can view the source spreadsheet here.)

Next Month

Next month’s Action Pistol shoot is set for Saturday, April 2. Sure, the weather may not be awful, but plan to be there anyway.

3 comments on “DRGC March 2016 Action Pistol Results
  1. Jimy Mac says:

    Another wonderful day at the Range, I Loved It!!!
    Just a Heads up to my fellow shooters. Klamath River Community Hall
    Down Hwy 96 Is having their annual OLD TIME TURKEY SHOOT Sunday March 20th shooting begins @9am and runs all day long Pistol, Scoped Rifle,Open sight Rifle Rimfire class and Running Deer also. MANY different opportunity’s to shoot!!(food and drinks available) Check out the facebook page…
    https://www.facebook.com/krotts96/?fref=nf for more information
    hope to see you there JM

  2. Vince Clements says:

    Had great time at my first shoot, ever. Even in the rain it was nice new experience. Thanks to all!

    • Tom Chandler says:

      Vince; Glad you could join us, even in the rain. Make sure you come back when the weather is good and the stages a little more expansive, when things really get fun.

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