DRGC Results: May 7 Action Pistol Match

The rain cleared up just in time for the start of the May action pistol match, so if you didn’t show up because of the clouds, well, hang your head in shame.

A great mix of stages emphasized shooting from cover, shooting for speed, and partially obstructed targets.

Congrats to The World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) Tom Chandler, who — despite his win — has yet to be invited on any television reality shows.

So much for the genius of popular mass media.


Those using mobile devices might want to view the spreadsheet online

Coming Shoot

Our June 4 action pistol match will be a benefit for CATO (the California Association of Tactical Officers). Details here.

We may loosen our stage round limits a little bit (up to 26-30 rounds), so it’s best to show up with a minimum of four magazines.

More to come.

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