DRGC Results: June 4 Pistol Match/CATO Benefit

Congratulations to the DRGC’s action pistol folks and the Redding SWAT team for turning a very hot Saturday into a great action pistol match — and a fundraiser for the California Association of Tactical Officers.

Temperatures neared triple digits. And our longer stages and big turnout (47 shooters) made for a long day. (More than a couple ROs went home a little sore in the legs and red in the face, but it was nothing a cold shower/iced beverage/Swedish massage/powerful anti-inflammatories/exorcism wouldn’t fix.)

Congratulations to Garett Maxwell, Redding SWAT member and new World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month).

Because Garett works in Redding and summer has apparently arrived, his Fabulous Prize is a personal sized air conditioner and an 11-mile long extension cord. (Look for that to show up any day.)

Redding SWAT team members occupied 7 of the top 10 places, suggesting the civilian shooters need more dry fire if we want to make a match of it next time.


(Those using mobile devices might want to view the spreadsheet online)

Coming Shoot

Our next match is set for Saturday, July 2 (July 4 is a Monday). Turnout is typically good at this match, so if you miss it, you’ll be sad.

Don’t be sad.

2 comments on “DRGC Results: June 4 Pistol Match/CATO Benefit
  1. Ed says:

    Thanks Tom for your dedication and hard work keeping this site updated and running as smooth as your Glock.

  2. gary pumphrey says:

    Thanks to all of you including RO’s, Scorekeepers, Bakers, setup/breakdown/cleanup crews, CATO (thanks Ed), Statistician (thanks Tom), and the Redding Police Dept. A fun day; was beat at the end of the day, but well worth it.

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