DRGC Results: August Action Pistol Match

The August Action Pistol Match came off nicely under sunny skies, and I’d love to say more — the kind of stuff that drives attendance to the next match — but that would be utter fabrication.

I simply wasn’t there. (To find out more, ask someone who was there.)

I can say that congratulations are due the World Champion of Dunsmuir (for this month) Mike Morgan, whose fabulous prize will be one of the bests-looking t-shirts ever made. (Sadly, it’s only available in extra-small.)


(If you’re having trouble viewing the embedded results above, visit the live spreadsheet here

One comment on “DRGC Results: August Action Pistol Match
  1. carlton Helweg says:

    For all of you that help make the pistol matches be successful Thank you for all you do.

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