DRGC Results: September 2016 Action Pistol Match

Wonderful weather greeted the 19 shooters at the DRGC September Action Pistol match.

Our World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) award goes to Tom “Hunchback” Chandler, whose fabulous prize for the win is a spinal adjustment at Igor’s House of Pain & Chiropractic.

See, even in Siskiyou County it pays to practice.

The Twilight Zone award goes to stage designer Brandon Turk, who built a stage that defied the laws of physics… for the first four shooters.

Then a smart person shot video and we realized that shooting the third plate on the rack caused the fourth plate in the rack to fall, but only after a half-second delay — when our focus had already shifted to a paper target.

Crazy stuff.

If you missed it, you’re almost certainly shaking your head in shame and sorrow.

Don’t worry. Next month isn’t that far off…


(Mobile users might want to visit the live spreadsheet here)

Next Month

Our October shoot is scheduled for Saturday, October 1. It’s slated to be our Zombie Shoot, so attending not only generates badly needed practice — it also offers you a chance to save the world from the walking undead.

I say we do it for the children.

See you there.

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