DRGC Results: October 1 Action Pistol (The Zombie Apocalypse)

Around here, the zombie apocalypse only comes once a year (and thank goodness).

Given how today’s 17 shooters performed at our the DRGC’s annualĀ zombie shoot, Siskiyou County won’t have a lot to worry about in the undead department.

Congratulations are due to World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) and Head Zombie Removal Engineer Stan Clewett, whose fabulous prize is giant box of laundry detergent (he’ll need it to wash the zombie brains out of his clothes).

Three tough stages kept shooters on the move (after all, to stand still in the zombie apocalypse is to get bitten). Head shots were the rule, and round counts all pushed our “normal” maximum.

It was more fun than you can shake someone else’s decomposing arm at.


(Can’t see embedded results? Here’s a link to the live spreadsheet)

Next Month

Our next match is set for Saturday, November 5. We’ll be back in normal, non-apocalypse mode, but it’s sure to be fun anyway.

Don’t miss it.

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