DRGC Results: December Action Pistol Match

The mountain weather went easy on our shooters once again, and fifteen showed up at our December match to compete for fabulous prizes*.

Congratulations to World Champion of Dunmsuir (this month) winner Geoff Applegate, who won his second match in a row. His fabulous prize will be a special, custom email listing the wrong date of next month’s match.

We’re the helpful sorts.


(Having trouble viewing embedded results? Visit the live spreadsheet here

Next Match

Our next match is set for Saturday, January 7. Keep in mind the weather affects range availability during the winter, so stand by your email inbox for further updates.

(*There are no fabulous prizes. Ever.)

One comment on “DRGC Results: December Action Pistol Match
  1. Jimy Mac says:

    Another wonderful shoot. Thanks to all who set up. Warm Holiday wishes to all my fellow pistoleers.
    Merry Christmas from the MacGuire family

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