DRGC: Saturday, February 4 Action Pistol Match Canceled

Let’s make it official; the road to the DRGC range is impassable to all but a team of huskies, and rather than require our action pistol shooters to bring their own dogs to the match, we’re simply going to cancel our February 4 action pistol shoot.

Couple feet of the fluffy white stuff block the DRGC range

Our next shoot is set for Saturday, March 4. (The way things are going, you might want to practice yelling “mush”.)

If you’re truly hard up for action pistol competition, you can find a partial calendar of Redding/Medford/Keno shooting events here

See you in March (maybe).

The DRGC Action Pistol World Headquarters Staff

One comment on “DRGC: Saturday, February 4 Action Pistol Match Canceled
  1. Ana Mulvaney says:

    Great website, thanks for the picture of the snow blocking access!

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