DRGC Results: July 2017 Action Pistol Match

Another well-attended Fourth of July weekend DRGC Action Pistol match is in the books.

Only now can the weekend truly begin.

Congratulations to Frank Wolff for his win. We believe it’s his first World Championship of Dunsmuir (This Month), so for his Fabulous Prize, we’re giving him a new car! this sage advice:

Try to do that again.

See? The giving never stops at the DRGC.


(You can view the original spreadsheet here.)

Next Month

The next DRGC Action Pistol match is set for Saturday, August 5. (It’s almost as if we do this every month.)

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One comment on “DRGC Results: July 2017 Action Pistol Match
  1. Tena Rulofson says:

    Thank you everyone one for the warm welcome and kind instructions on my first ever match. I learned that when your gun jams they don’t stop the clock lol

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