DRGC Results: September 2017 Action Pistol Match

Congratulations to all who braved the smoke and heat at this month’s DRGC Action Pistol match.

And congratulations to both this month’s winners (see below): Isaac Lockwood (pistol) and Stan Clewett (PCC).

Now we have two World Champions of Dunsmuir (this month anyway).

If you look at this month’s results, we’re trying something new.

At the bottom of the results, you’ll find a separate category for Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC). They’re typically AR-style carbines firing 9mm or .40 rounds. They’re fast becoming popular in other shooting competitions.

We had interest in shooting them here — and shooters are pretty darned fast with them — so they’re in their own category on the results.

We also had a demonstration only, non-scoring trap (shotgun) stage, and about half our action pistol shooters shot a free round of trap.

Big fun!


(You can view the original spreadsheet here

Next Month

Our next match is set for Saturday, October 7. I bet it’ll be interesting (I know it’ll be cooler).

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