Author: Tom Chandler

DRGC Results: January 2018 Action Pistol Match Results

Twenty-one shooters (including one PCC class shooter) competed at the DRGC January Action Pistol Match. Congratulations to Geoff Applegate for handily winning the first World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month anyway) title of 2018. (Shhhhh; If he’s still winning by

DRGC Results: December 2017 Action Pistol Match

With rain in the forecast, only eleven shooters appeared for our December Action Pistol match (it only rained briefly before the match you whoossies). They shot a lot of steel, and because he shot it the best, Brian Hoskins became

Canceled! November 2017 DRGC Action Pistol Match Canceled

Due to a lack of Stagemeisters and ROs (and also some poor weather), we’re forced to cancel this Saturday’s DRGC Action Pistol Match. Sorry. Volunteer-run organizations typically rely on the work of a core set of volunteers. In this case,

October 7, 2017 Action Pistol Results

October’s Action Pistol Match is in the books. And congratulations to all this month’s World Champions of Dunsmuir (this month anyway): Geoff Applegate (pistol), Stan Clewett (PCC) and Paul Johnson (our sole Carry Optics shooter). Results Click for spreadsheet results

DRGC Results: September 2017 Action Pistol Match

Congratulations to all who braved the smoke and heat at this month’s DRGC Action Pistol match. And congratulations to both this month’s winners (see below): Isaac Lockwood (pistol) and Stan Clewett (PCC). Now we have two World Champions of Dunsmuir

DRGC Results: August 2017 Action Pistol Match

Another good turnout for the August DRGC Action Pistol Shoot. Twenty-six pistoleros faced three interesting stages, and once again, Geoff Applegate came out on top. That makes him our World Champion of Dunsmuir (for this month). (That title — and

DRGC Results: July 2017 Action Pistol Match

Another well-attended Fourth of July weekend DRGC Action Pistol match is in the books. Only now can the weekend truly begin. Congratulations to Frank Wolff for his win. We believe it’s his first World Championship of Dunsmuir (This Month), so

Action Pistol Stagemeisters

DRGC Action Pistol Stagemeisters Stagemeisters July Dave Salvato Guy Pasela Brandon Turk August Rich Reuter Guy Pasela Ryan Wilden September Dave Salvato October Rich Reuter Guy Pasela November Ryan Wilden Gene Lachawicz December

DRGC: New Action Pistol Start Time for Summer

  July & August Action Pistol Starts at 8:45 To beat the heat, we’re moving up the start time of the July & August DRGC Action Pistol Matches to 8:45 (safety brief). Summer Schedule 8:45: Registration Closes (don’t be late!)

DRGC Results: June 2017 Action Pistol

The June DRGC Action Pistol shoot is in the books, and if asked, those books will tell you that Brandon Turk won the thing convincingly. He was the only shooter with a total time in double-digits, so his Fabulous Prize

DRGC Results: May, 2017 Action Pistol Match

Here are the results from the May Action Pistol match. Note that Geoff Applegate won yet another match, so next month, he’ll receive a personalized pre-match email containing the wrong date. If you’re having trouble viewing the embedded results or

Chiara Tadina Memorial Hunter Safety Class: May 11 – 13

  In June of 2013, the community of Siskiyou County, as well as the hunting and fishing world experienced a tragedy. Chiara Tadina passed away leaving behind her family, friends and a hunting and fishing legacy that her family refuse