How To Get Here

From I-5 take exit 734, turn north on Mott Airport Road, turn right just past the airport.

After you pass the paved road on your right that goes down into the airport, you’ll reach a junction in the road. Take the uphill turn to the left; you should see the gate 100 feet or so ahead of you.

Stop at the gate and use the combination on your membership card to open the padlock. If the gate is open, it’s likely someone is using the range.

Note: On entry to the range, please reclose the gate behind you. If no other members are expected immediately behind you, it is best to lock the gate. If you do not lock the padlock behind you, be sure to spin it off so the combination is not available to unauthorized people.

Upon leaving the range, ALWAYS reclose and lock the gate behind you.

Have a good shoot!

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