Canceled! November 2017 DRGC Action Pistol Match Canceled

Due to a lack of Stagemeisters and ROs (and also some poor weather), we’re forced to cancel this Saturday’s DRGC Action Pistol Match.


Volunteer-run organizations typically rely on the work of a core set of volunteers. In this case, our regular band of hardy volunteers are being undercut by family/health/time conflict issues.

Of course, the bigger the group, the less prone we are to this kind of problem. We hope to expand our pool of stagemeisters and ROs over the winter. Stand by for more inforamtion.

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October 7, 2017 Action Pistol Results

October’s Action Pistol Match is in the books.

And congratulations to all this month’s World Champions of Dunsmuir (this month anyway): Geoff Applegate (pistol), Stan Clewett (PCC) and Paul Johnson (our sole Carry Optics shooter).


Click for spreadsheet results

Next Month

Our next match is set for Saturday, November 4.

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DRGC Results: September 2017 Action Pistol Match

Congratulations to all who braved the smoke and heat at this month’s DRGC Action Pistol match.

And congratulations to both this month’s winners (see below): Isaac Lockwood (pistol) and Stan Clewett (PCC).

Now we have two World Champions of Dunsmuir (this month anyway).

If you look at this month’s results, we’re trying something new.

At the bottom of the results, you’ll find a separate category for Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC). They’re typically AR-style carbines firing 9mm or .40 rounds. They’re fast becoming popular in other shooting competitions.

We had interest in shooting them here — and shooters are pretty darned fast with them — so they’re in their own category on the results.

We also had a demonstration only, non-scoring trap (shotgun) stage, and about half our action pistol shooters shot a free round of trap.

Big fun!


(You can view the original spreadsheet here

Next Month

Our next match is set for Saturday, October 7. I bet it’ll be interesting (I know it’ll be cooler).

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DRGC Results: August 2017 Action Pistol Match

Another good turnout for the August DRGC Action Pistol Shoot.

Twenty-six pistoleros faced three interesting stages, and once again, Geoff Applegate came out on top. That makes him our World Champion of Dunsmuir (for this month).

(That title — and $10 — will get him a cup of coffee at Starbucks.)


(You can view the raw spreadsheet here)

Next Month

We’re working up something interesting for next month’s shoot, which is scheduled for Saturday, September 2. Those who miss it will almost certainly weep bitterly, crying “Why? Why?!” to the heavens.


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DRGC Results: July 2017 Action Pistol Match

Another well-attended Fourth of July weekend DRGC Action Pistol match is in the books.

Only now can the weekend truly begin.

Congratulations to Frank Wolff for his win. We believe it’s his first World Championship of Dunsmuir (This Month), so for his Fabulous Prize, we’re giving him a new car! this sage advice:

Try to do that again.

See? The giving never stops at the DRGC.


(You can view the original spreadsheet here.)

Next Month

The next DRGC Action Pistol match is set for Saturday, August 5. (It’s almost as if we do this every month.)

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Action Pistol Stagemeisters

DRGC Action Pistol Stagemeisters



  • Dave Salvato
  • Guy Pasela
  • Brandon Turk


  • Rich Reuter
  • Guy Pasela
  • Ryan Wilden


  • Dave Salvato


  • Rich Reuter
  • Guy Pasela


  • Ryan Wilden
  • Gene Lachawicz


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DRGC: New Action Pistol Start Time for Summer


July & August Action Pistol Starts at 8:45

To beat the heat, we’re moving up the start time of the July & August DRGC Action Pistol Matches to 8:45 (safety brief).

Summer Schedule

  • 8:45: Registration Closes (don’t be late!)
  • 8:45: Safety brief begins
  • 9:00: Match begins

In the fall, we’ll (probably) slide back to our usual start time

See you Saturday, July 1 (no later than 8:45)

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DRGC Results: June 2017 Action Pistol

The June DRGC Action Pistol shoot is in the books, and if asked, those books will tell you that Brandon Turk won the thing convincingly. He was the only shooter with a total time in double-digits, so his Fabulous Prize is a tactical calculator, which he can use to learn how to add time to his score.


(If you’re having trouble viewing results embedded above, you can access the spreadsheet here)


Our next match is set for Saturday, July 1. It’s typically one of our biggest matches of the year, so don’t miss it!

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DRGC Results: May, 2017 Action Pistol Match

Here are the results from the May Action Pistol match. Note that Geoff Applegate won yet another match, so next month, he’ll receive a personalized pre-match email containing the wrong date.

If you’re having trouble viewing the embedded results or you’re using a mobile device, click here to see the Google Docs spreadsheet

Next Match

Scheduled for Saturday, June 3.

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Chiara Tadina Memorial Hunter Safety Class: May 11 – 13


In June of 2013, the community of Siskiyou County, as well as the hunting and fishing world experienced a tragedy. Chiara Tadina passed away leaving behind her family, friends and a hunting and fishing legacy that her family refuse to let fade. CDA Mount Shasta was contacted by the Tadina family and asked us if we could help them come up with an idea to let Chiara’s sprit and enthusiasm live on in our community. The passion she had for hunting and fishing helped us come up with the Chiara Tadina Memorial Hunter Safety Course.

We asked Chaira Tadina’s family to write something about Chaira and her love for hunting. Chiara’s father, Larry Tadina, wrote the following: “Chiara’s passion for the outdoors was easy to see whether sitting on a mountain top glassing for deer, fishing wherever she could find water or on her horse with her dog in the woods. It was Chiara’s own prompting that she complete hunter safety so she could hunt. At 16 she drew the Siskiyou hunt elk tag and with the guidance of Jess Martin, her father and grandfather on the fifth day of the hunt we watched as she harvested a great bull, it was hard to say who was more excited. The following year Chiara drew an X1 tag and got her first mule deer, again with a great shot. Invited by her uncle Gerry to go pig hunting she again showed her marksmanship to us and dropped the pig.

While in high school, on career day, Chiara spent the day with a Lieutenant of the California Department of Fish and Game and subsequently was taking classes at COS for her administration of justice degree to work to become a CDFW officer. On Chiara’s 21st birthday she got a compound bow and spent countless hours practicing in all kinds of weather that fall, winter and spring and drew an A3 tag. Chiara did not get to hunt with her bow but her passion for hunting and all things outdoors continues to touch so many people.”
This will be a three day course taught by Don Kirby. The Memorial is funded by the Chiara Tadina Outdoor Youth Program of Mount Shasta, c/o Scott Valley Bank and CDA Mount Shasta.


Mott Shooting Range

Dates and Times

  • Thursday May 11, 2017 Start time 6PM
  • Friday May 12, 2017 Start time 6PM
  • Saturday May 13, 2017 Start time 9AM
  • Lunch will be provided on Saturday May 13, 2017, all ammunition and firearms will be provided. This course is entirely paid for by the Chiara Tadina Memorial foundation.


Mike Burns – (530) 859-2899 or Trenton Willis (707) 338-7820


Interstate 5 exit 734, south of the CHP Dunsmuir Scale Facility, at exit 734 go 100 yards east to Mott Airport Road. Turn left and travel north ½ mile, turn right toward airport access. Continue straight past airport entrance 100 feet and turn left up dirt road toward iron gate.


  1. Go online to California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  2. Click on the Hunting icon
  3. Go to Hunter Education
  4. Click option 1: Traditional Hunter Education Courses
  5. Click on Browse/ Register for a Traditional Class
  6. Make sure to read the requirements section. Youth or adults that do not have a California Go ID need to obtain one. Click the “Click Here” button to do so.
  7. Once you have a California Go ID then click the green “Register Now” button in the upper right corner.
  8. Also make sure to fill out the Student Consent Form in the Requirements section and bring it to class.
  9. All kids and parents taking the Hunter Safety course must register for the class prior to the start of the course.
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DRGC Annual Meeting & Other News

DRGC: Annual Meeting Notice

Lots of news! Please read all the bullets:

  • Our annual meeting will be Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.
  • The Dunsmuir location isn’t available, so we’ll meet at the Mt. Shasta City Park in the old Rod & Gun building (right behind the upper lodge)
  • The membership renewal forms have been mailed (We are working on an online version you can download from the website)
  • The DRGC shooting range will be closed on March 15 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • The road has melted out and the range is completely accessible. A lot of work has gone into the DRGC range over the last few years, and the facilities look great. So take care of our range – and report people who aren’t willing to do so!

Enjoy the nice weather!

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March 4 DRGC Action Pistol: CANCELED

This Saturday’s Action Pistol match is canceled.

We originally planned to hold the match, but the weather forecast turned messy fast.

Saturday calls for rain and snow, and the driveway is already inaccessible to any vehicle without a fair amount of clearance.

We do plan to hold a “practice match” sometime in March — perhaps as soon as next weekend. All the same safety rules will apply, but we’ll make it possible for people to shoot multiple times (time permitting).

Stand by for more info.
DRGC Action Pistol

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