DRGC Results: December Action Pistol Match

The mountain weather went easy on our shooters once again, and fifteen showed up at our December match to compete for fabulous prizes*.

Congratulations to World Champion of Dunmsuir (this month) winner Geoff Applegate, who won his second match in a row. His fabulous prize will be a special, custom email listing the wrong date of next month’s match.

We’re the helpful sorts.


(Having trouble viewing embedded results? Visit the live spreadsheet here

Next Match

Our next match is set for Saturday, January 7. Keep in mind the weather affects range availability during the winter, so stand by your email inbox for further updates.

(*There are no fabulous prizes. Ever.)

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DRGC Results: November Action Pistol Results

The weather was clear and warmed nicely as the day progressed — and the stages were fast and fun (thank you Stagemeisters). It’s November in the mountains, and you can’t ask for much more.

Congratulations to The World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month anyway) Geoff Applegate, who essentially walked out of work and onto the shooting range to win the match by a scant 1.71 seconds.

For his fabulous prize, his fellow shooters are awarding him an hour’s overtime the day of the next shoot.

(I know. We’re givers. It’s as if we can’t stop with the giving.)


(Trouble seeing the embedded spreadsheet? See the live spreadsheet here

Next Month’s Shoot

Whew! We dodged the rain in October and November; next month’s shoot is set for Saturday, December 3.

Stand by your inbox for more information.

In Passing

The Dunsmuir Rod & Gun Club notes the sudden passing of member Mike Adams. Godspeed, Mike.

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DRGC Results: October 1 Action Pistol (The Zombie Apocalypse)

Around here, the zombie apocalypse only comes once a year (and thank goodness).

Given how today’s 17 shooters performed at our the DRGC’s annual zombie shoot, Siskiyou County won’t have a lot to worry about in the undead department.

Congratulations are due to World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) and Head Zombie Removal Engineer Stan Clewett, whose fabulous prize is giant box of laundry detergent (he’ll need it to wash the zombie brains out of his clothes).

Three tough stages kept shooters on the move (after all, to stand still in the zombie apocalypse is to get bitten). Head shots were the rule, and round counts all pushed our “normal” maximum.

It was more fun than you can shake someone else’s decomposing arm at.


(Can’t see embedded results? Here’s a link to the live spreadsheet)

Next Month

Our next match is set for Saturday, November 5. We’ll be back in normal, non-apocalypse mode, but it’s sure to be fun anyway.

Don’t miss it.

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DRGC Results: September 2016 Action Pistol Match

Wonderful weather greeted the 19 shooters at the DRGC September Action Pistol match.

Our World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) award goes to Tom “Hunchback” Chandler, whose fabulous prize for the win is a spinal adjustment at Igor’s House of Pain & Chiropractic.

See, even in Siskiyou County it pays to practice.

The Twilight Zone award goes to stage designer Brandon Turk, who built a stage that defied the laws of physics… for the first four shooters.

Then a smart person shot video and we realized that shooting the third plate on the rack caused the fourth plate in the rack to fall, but only after a half-second delay — when our focus had already shifted to a paper target.

Crazy stuff.

If you missed it, you’re almost certainly shaking your head in shame and sorrow.

Don’t worry. Next month isn’t that far off…


(Mobile users might want to visit the live spreadsheet here)

Next Month

Our October shoot is scheduled for Saturday, October 1. It’s slated to be our Zombie Shoot, so attending not only generates badly needed practice — it also offers you a chance to save the world from the walking undead.

I say we do it for the children.

See you there.

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DRGC Results: August Action Pistol Match

The August Action Pistol Match came off nicely under sunny skies, and I’d love to say more — the kind of stuff that drives attendance to the next match — but that would be utter fabrication.

I simply wasn’t there. (To find out more, ask someone who was there.)

I can say that congratulations are due the World Champion of Dunsmuir (for this month) Mike Morgan, whose fabulous prize will be one of the bests-looking t-shirts ever made. (Sadly, it’s only available in extra-small.)


(If you’re having trouble viewing the embedded results above, visit the live spreadsheet here

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DRGC Results: July 2 (2016) Action Pistol Match

More hot weather greeted another large group of shooters (32 including some new faces), but most of us (most) only whined a little.

Three very challenging stages greeted the non-whining horde of shooters, including a house-clearing, a bar-b-que brisket invasion and one we’ll call the Patriotic Plate Rack.

If you missed it, you sadly have no viable alternative to feeling bad (to feel better, write the reason you couldn’t go on a $20 bill and send it to me; we’ll both be happier.)

Congratulations to the World Champion of Dunsmuir (This Month) Brandon Turk, whose Fabulous Prize is a Stars & Stripes pogo stick he’ll have to shoot the next match from.


(Having trouble viewing the embedded results? Visit the spreadsheet online here

Next Month

Our next action pistol match is scheduled for Saturday, August 6.

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DRGC Results: June 4 Pistol Match/CATO Benefit

Congratulations to the DRGC’s action pistol folks and the Redding SWAT team for turning a very hot Saturday into a great action pistol match — and a fundraiser for the California Association of Tactical Officers.

Temperatures neared triple digits. And our longer stages and big turnout (47 shooters) made for a long day. (More than a couple ROs went home a little sore in the legs and red in the face, but it was nothing a cold shower/iced beverage/Swedish massage/powerful anti-inflammatories/exorcism wouldn’t fix.)

Congratulations to Garett Maxwell, Redding SWAT member and new World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month).

Because Garett works in Redding and summer has apparently arrived, his Fabulous Prize is a personal sized air conditioner and an 11-mile long extension cord. (Look for that to show up any day.)

Redding SWAT team members occupied 7 of the top 10 places, suggesting the civilian shooters need more dry fire if we want to make a match of it next time.


(Those using mobile devices might want to view the spreadsheet online)

Coming Shoot

Our next match is set for Saturday, July 2 (July 4 is a Monday). Turnout is typically good at this match, so if you miss it, you’ll be sad.

Don’t be sad.

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June 25, 2016 Second Amendment Shoot & Feed


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DRGC Range Closure: Friday June 3 & Saturday, June 4


Due to the expanded nature of the upcoming DRGC CATO benefit shoot, the DRGC shooting range will be closed longer than normal.

Friday, June 3: closed 2:30 pm to dark

Saturday, June 4: closed all day (we don’t know when this shoot will end)

$20 And a T-Shirt!

The cost of this CATO shoot will be slightly higher than normal: $20.

For your extra $10, you do get a t-shirt and a raffle ticket.

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DRGC Results: May 7 Action Pistol Match

The rain cleared up just in time for the start of the May action pistol match, so if you didn’t show up because of the clouds, well, hang your head in shame.

A great mix of stages emphasized shooting from cover, shooting for speed, and partially obstructed targets.

Congrats to The World Champion of Dunsmuir (this month) Tom Chandler, who — despite his win — has yet to be invited on any television reality shows.

So much for the genius of popular mass media.


Those using mobile devices might want to view the spreadsheet online

Coming Shoot

Our June 4 action pistol match will be a benefit for CATO (the California Association of Tactical Officers). Details here.

We may loosen our stage round limits a little bit (up to 26-30 rounds), so it’s best to show up with a minimum of four magazines.

More to come.

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DRGC: June 4 Action Pistol Match Now a SWAT Shoot

DRGC’s June 4 Action Pistol Shoot Now a Benefit For CATO! Read On…

On Saturday, June 4, 2016 CATO Region 1 will provide a fun shoot consisting of three challenging courses of fire beginning at 0900 hrs. There will be local firearms vendors, prizes and a raffle.

All proceeds go to the newly formed CATO Benevolent Fund supporting the family members of CATO members killed in the line of duty.

The entry fee is $20.00 which includes a CATO tee shirt and raffle ticket.

This is a fun shoot emphasizing safety, learning elements and FUN. The Dun- smuir Rod and Gun Club will provide six range officers and a range safety offi- cer to ensure the utmost safety.

There will be an inspection of firearms upon arrival, followed by a safety briefing and instructions.

Shooting begins at 1000 sharp. There will be demonstrations from two Region 1 SWAT Teams.

The Dunsmuir Range is a “cold range”, thus all weapons are empty and unload- ed upon arrival. Eye and ear protection, belt or duty holster and a minimum of three magazines are required equipment.

It is located east of I-5 at the Mott Road exit. There will be posted signs for easy directions.

Contact Ed Pecis @ edpecis@yahoo.com or 530.604.4155 You can access more information at: dunsmuirrodandgun.com



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DRGC Results: April 2 Action Pistol Match

The March Action Pistol Match was another good one. Twenty-five shooters enjoyed great weather and three nicely balanced stages (the stages could have been named “speed, patience and accuracy”).

Congratulations to Geoff Applegate for winning The World Championship of Dunsmuir (this month).

For his fabulous prize, the left-handed Applegate will get to shoot a match composed of stages designed exclusively for right-handers.

At the DRGC, the giving never stops.


(Mobile users and those having trouble seeing the embedded results above can view the original spreadsheet here.)

Next Month

Our next match is Saturday, May 7. You will forever regret missing it.

Also, save the date for our June 4 match, which will be a benefit for CATO (California Association of Tactical Officers).

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