Our members have generously provided their time, skills, and materials to develop the shooting range. Please support their efforts by following the range rules below.

  • All family members and guests must be accompanied by the person whose name appears on the membership card.
  • You must present your card when asked.
  • Do not give the gate combination to non-members, and do not leave the combination on the lock when you open it.
  • The gate combination will be changed on or about April 1st each year, and the new combination will be on your new membership card.
  • Remove all trash from the range and use only appropriate targets. We do not have trash pickup service. No glass, furniture, appliances, propane bottles, etc. If you brought it, please take it home.
  • Do not deliberately shoot the metal posts and wires.
  • No rifles larger than .22 caliber are allowed on the pistol range.
  • Exercise extreme care to avoid causing fires. We do not have any water on the range for fire suppression.
DRGC Range Rules

You’ll find these posted at the ranges. Please follow them.